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Typical application of KMR bearing in wheel loaders

    Wheel Loader WL20e: electric, practical, zero emissions

    The WL20e is the first pure electric wheel loader from Wicknossen with KMR GENERAL high stiffness, low noise and low vibration bearings. Compared to conventional diesel-powered machines, the WL20e delivers the same performance indicators and even provides higher turnover loads with higher working weight. The WL20e is completely free of exhaust emissions when operating in the field, while significantly reducing noise. For users, this means greater flexibility, protection of the environment and a significant reduction in operating costs. Practical and proven innovation

    With KMR GENERAL high-stiffness, high-load, long-life bearings, Wicknossen is an innovation leader in the field of electric drive systems for construction machinery. The WL20e is a zero-emission solution that has been proven for many years in a variety of different businesses and industries, and we are still developing and improving it. So drivers can always benefit from our latest technology.


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